• My Daily Dosha
  • MyHome
    MyHome is one of New York City’s leading complete, kitchen remodeling and bathroom renovation companies. MyHome specializes in kitchen and bath remodeling as well as complete renovation projects. This project was very technical in nature. The client had an existing website...
  • Hoku Nui Maui
    Hoku Nui Maui is a land management group developing an innovative regenerative project on a 258-acre property purchased by the Frost Family in 2012.
  • NRDS
    NRDS provides data collection and resource management tools for land owners and environment conservation agencies, public and private.
  • Maui Fin Company
    Maui Fin Company since 1986. In 2013 we were brought in to redesign their branding, website and products.
  • 28SIKS
    28SIKS is an independent and innovative architecture studio that is socially committed and engaged in the construction of mankind's living environment.
  • Maya Yoga
    Maya Yoga challenges you to work with strength and determination to unlock a practice that supports your lifestyle.
  • Tony Orrico
    Extraordinary artist and artwork meet in this simple yet effective website. It was easy to create, I just needed to display all the many talents that Tony Orrico has, both on the performance of his art as in the...
  • I Am Unbeatable
    The mission of Donna Ferrato's I AM UNBEATABLE is to raise awareness, educate and prevent domestic violence against women and children through real stories of real people.
  • Makena Herget
    Custom Typography Identity Design + Responsive Web Design
  • Hana Bee
    Branding and label design for Hana Bee. A really sweet project to work on.
  • Pago de los Capellanes
    Sitting in the prestigious Ribera del Duero, Pago de los Capellanes is a family owned winery that has achieved excellence through their effort and investment, by the commitement and devotion they have put into this project. Pago de los...
  • +H2O
    +H2O is a Maui based organization founded by professional athletes bringing together a community of athletes, conservationists, non-profits and companies to facilitate local solutions on a global scale. We are a social brand leader in environmental social awareness seeking...
  • Víctor Fernández Center
    Windsurfing World Champion Víctor Fernández just opened a new watersports center in his hometown, Almería, in Spain. The center is located just in front of the ocean and has the perfect conditons for the practice of all water sports,...
  • Why Not Us
    Limited Edition Apparel company created in NYC in 2005, Why Not Us creates limited edition t-shirts sold on esclusive stores both in New York & Paris. Designer t-shirts, only 120 units are made of each model and never reprinted,...
  • Fundació Jubert Figueras
    The FJF aims to improve the quality of life of low-income families forced to move away from their usual residence due to the hospitalization or hospital treatment of one of their members. Please visit>
  • Michael Hart
    Michael Hart is unique. One does not know if he really exists until it's too late. Then one wonders if there was life before him. Photographer extraordinare. Dancer. Choreographer. Artist. Friend. His portraits are milestones in history.
    We had a lot of fun designing the graphics for all the events of the American Windsurfing Tour 2013. We did the Aloha Classic, the Santa Cruz, Baja California and Hatteras. Every project needs a poster, a banner, a tshirt,...
    MotMot is one of those projects that you dream doing once in a lifetime. Working with an incredibly talented partner to create something that is completely unique. MotMot was concieved as a TV show for kids and adults, where...
  • Jazz Poster
    Camino Quiroga and the Jubert Figueras Foundation organized a benefit Jazz Concert in Barcelona with Dutch virtuosos, Peter Beets Trio. For this they had me design a series of posters, the one showing, my favorite. 2013 saw the re-edition...
  • Eurosud
    Ten years ago I designed this logo and stationary for this Accounting cabinet with offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Pau, and Biarritz. Still today, I feel like this logo suits them perfectly and has not gotten outdated in any...
  • Custom Floors Hawaii
    CFH is the new project that, Mike Grier, the successful owner of Pacific Millworks is setting up, and we surely believe it's going to be an unique one.
  • Shelfish
    We shell never forget. A typeface made with shells as a starting point for a non profit organization that raises funds to help the people affected by the oil spill that happened in the Galicia coast of Spain in...
  • Scavenger
    Fiction book or graphic novel based on the true story from a NYC Scavenger which imagines himself as an artist. Project was concived as a “cadavre exqui” to conmemorate artist Arman Fernandez. In collaboration with Brenda McManus & Miles Seiden.
  • Pratt Institute Newsletter
    Pratt’s Graduate Communications Department Newsletter. Semestral Publication, issue for Fall 2006. This Newsletter that unflods into a poster Includes interviews with Stefan Sagmaister & Bob Gill, as well as Student Survey and factual information about the programm.
  • Historical Evolution of Letterforms
    My passion for typography and my desire to learn more about the subject, both from the historical as well as the technical side, took me to dive into this personal project that covers the historical evolution of letterforms from...
  • Cutre | Pozo Izquierdo
    Pozo Izquierdo is one of the most radical windsurf spots on the world. Cutre set their flagship store there more than fifteen years ago. In 2006 it was time to redesign their identity and logo...
  • Verdes Records
    Music Packaging for Barcelona's based record label, .... Since 1999 Javier & Esther Verdes, have trusted and builded a very strong professional relationship with me, by working in the creation of numerous packagings, CD compilations, vinyl records, posters, flyers as...